Ripple Effect Wellness Retreat

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Freedom, NY

This July, Wolf Within is working together to create a holistic retreat celebrating life, love and unity through holistic commUNITY based workshops, live music, vendors, adult-friendly slip n' slide and more. Come submerge yourself in the wonderous waters of the sacred within and around for a weekend to BE together in love, for love and as love is our primary purpose. The entire event is substance free, if you use cannabis for medical reasons we ask that you keep it discrete so that we can maintain a space that feels safe to anyone that may attend for the possibility that a neighbor camping next to you may be in recovery. This is a family-friendly and pet-free event. We will have access to a bathhouse. We are so grateful for this and immeasurably grateful to be co-creating a space where people can feel safe to be themselves play, and experience more healing practices and we will be GRATEFUL to see you beautiful beings in July!! Water: the sacred nectar of life which connects All Our Relations. Ripples which expand from a stone thrown into sea can only begin once the stone lands in the water. The stone is our focal point: which we can view as our hearts. We are both the stone and the being throwing the stone, making the choice to create a vibration of love which can ripple from our hearts to others. The journey begins within.