Magic Flower Music and Art Fest 2

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Magic Flower Farm, Burbank, OH

Magic Flower Farms is a 53 acre farm nestled in the heart of Wayen County Ohio in beautiful Overton Valley. Situated atop a plateu on a hill, the area is surrounded by trees to create a natural sound barrier to keep the beautiful music in and the outside noise out. Our mission at Exemplar Events: to build a place for us not only to gather for music, but to gather to learn and grow with each other, to have workshops about agricultural development, primitive life skills, foraging, healing workshops, and many other things. Proceeds from festivals will go back into building the farm for things like community gardening, infrastructures for various retreats, and extending our reach to the community! Its time we as a people stand together, strong like a mountain, unbreakable, with love and peace at our cores. We here at Magic Flower Farms and Exemplar Events want to be the change we see in the world, and we hope you will join us!!!!